What is Wakuni Shoten?

The roof of your house that protects your life from the elements.
The processing is done by a sheet metal craftsman with craftsmanship.

Wakuni Shoten is a product that can only be made by a skilled sheet metal craftsman.
We offer it as a gift for loved ones.

Using a sturdy metal that can withstand many years of use,
The products of Wakuni Shoten, which are processed by the refined techniques of sheet metal craftsmen, are
To keep the feelings of the giver and the giver,
You can love me for a long time.

Also, the aging of the material makes the gift the only one in the world.
It gives you the pleasure of nostalgic for the passing months.

From grandfather to grandson, from grandson to grandfather,
If the three generations give each other
Enjoy longevity and growth together
You will also have a happy time.

Our thoughts

The technique of sheet metal craftsmen, which is described as “skilled”, is not something that can be acquired overnight.
Over the years, it is cultivated just as the metal is sharpened.

But before the technology declines,
The current situation is that older sheet metal craftsmen are forced to leave the workplace.

On the roof, where there is always the danger of falling
In the summer, the temperature exceeds 50 degrees in direct sunlight,
In winter, it is not uncommon to see below freezing.
Working in such an environment is too demanding for older craftsmen.

For veteran sheet metal craftsmen with excellent technology that young people are far from
I want you to keep shining for a long time.
With that thought in mind, Wakuni Shoten started its activities.

All the items introduced here
It is a handicraft of a sheet metal craftsman who is proud of his skill.



“Crane” has been loved for a long time because it is said to be auspicious in Japan.
Japan has a tradition of making paper cranes while praying for someone.
Using materials such as copper and brass for such folded paper cranes
Each one was made by hand by a craftsman.
You can enjoy the color and texture of each item changing over time.



The lively paper wall sculptures artist “OXYGAMI” in Paris and the sheet metal craftsman group “Wakunishop” in Tokyo have formed a partnership to combine the knowledge and skills of both parties to create a new work. All handmade by sheet metal craftsmen.
It is a one-of-a-kind item that has a profound feeling, is graceful, and captivates the viewer.
In harmony with the lighting, it transforms into an unparalleled work of art.
If you are interested in other OXYGAMI series works, please contact us.



Photo of Kuniharu Uchino

Kuniharu Uchino

Chairman / Sheet metal craftsman

Born in 1950. At his parents’ home, Uchino Sheet Metal Industry Co., Ltd. (Kiyose City, Tokyo), he began training in building sheet metal at the age of 18 under his father, Kazuichi, and acquired advanced building sheet metal techniques such as shrines and temples. .. He founded Uchino Sheet Metal in 1989 and became Chairman of Uchino Sheet Metal Co., Ltd. in 2014.

Photo of Tomokazu Uchino

Tomokazu Uchino


Born in 1979. Under his father, Kuniharu, he started training in building sheet metal at the age of 18. He was appointed CEO of Uchino Sheet Metal Co., Ltd. in 2014. Currently, he is in charge of the company and is exploring a futuristic industry structure that transcends the boundaries between prime contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry.


We accept production requests other than the works we sell.
What do you want to make?
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